Check In

                  It is the Owner’s responsibility to notify the renter that their check-in must occur during business office/gate house operating hours. Renters must sign-in at the business office upon arrival and complete the Beach Dreams rental registration forms. We strongly suggest expediting the process by sending and having your renters print off the rental packet available under FORMS prior to arrival. Please remind your renters that we will need a copy of their vehicle registration(s) at the time of check in. Also ensure that renters are aware that they are only allowed two vehicles per cottage. It is strongly recommended to call the office a week in advance to confirm office and guard house hours. If you do not register your renters at the office during the time of check-ins, you risk the possibility of receiving up to a $600.00 fine from the Association and the Town of Wells. All guests, family, and contractors must check-in with the office when entering the property as well.

           Should you choose to rent your unit personally without a rental agent as an Owner you must deliver to the Beach Dreams Condo business office a large envelope labeled as “Rental Package” with your name and unit number on the outside of the envelope. The rental package should include keys, keycards, emergency information, unit’s dos & don’ts, and owner contact information. This information is very important as office personnel will not open the envelope and will direct the renter to contact the unit Owner with all questions, concerns, and problems with the rental. Please instruct the renter that they must check-in and check-out during the office hours and return the Rental Package” to the business office during the above hours, prior to departure. There will be a $35.00 charge per rental to all owners that rent whether through an agency or personally to help with the cost of office expenses.

           We look forward to working with you in the upcoming season to ensure an enjoyable experience for all that intend to visit
the Beach Dreams property.

The Town of Wells is in part a seasonal resort community and as such has a large number of lodging facilities. These lodging facilities have historically provided tourists and other visitors both short-term and seasonal accommodations within the Town, to the benefit of both tourists and local residents and businesses, by supporting the local economy and adding to the tax base. Lodging facilities are subject to different zoning and other land use regulations than residential uses such as single- or two-family homes or multi-unit developments

One such regulation requires registration of all Beach Dreams Residents:

Occupancy and departure registries. The licensed lodging facility shall be operated in conformity with the requirements of 30-A M.R.S.A. § 3801 et seq. governing innkeepers and lodging facilities, including keeping a register and a record of departure, as required by § 3821, which shall reference every person renting or occupying any room or unit, including arrival and departure dates.


Owner Registering Guests or Renters