FROM: Beach Dreams Board of Directors 


We hope that all of you have had a happy and healthy holiday season! We’re also hoping that there is “light at the end of the COVID tunnel” and that we may return to normalcy in a few months.

This letter is for all owners but directed more toward owners that rent their cottages.  Over the last several years we have heard from more than fifty owners asking for changes to our rental process. We have had numerous complaints from owners that are negatively impacted with parking issues and traffic around the main clubhouse during weekend check-in times. Having spent the last couple of years looking at ways to improve the process, the Board has voted to remove the responsibility of rental check-in and check-out from the day to day operation of the office.  Owners that rent their cottages will now be responsible for providing complete service to their rental clients, including providing keys, gate cards and online registration of their clients at

The Wells area has numerous rental agents that would be able to assist those owners who rent but are not able to support their rentals.  Please contact the office if you would like assistance with agent information in the area.

The Board understands that this change will be an adjustment for some owners, but feels that MPM should be concentrating their time handling the business that they are contracted to do at Beach Dreams. The Board and MPM has seen, from adapting to COVID-19 protocols last season, that contactless check-ins will help remediate this situation.

The following attachments provide the required steps needed for owners that rent, as well as examples of documents required to be sent to the office.

Please continue to stay well!

Sincerely yours,

Beach Dreams Board of Directors

Beach Dreams 2021 Rental Process

1. All owners that rent out their cottage will now be responsible for the complete process of registering their rental guests via the online tool at


2.   This includes having their rental guests

a. Sign a copy of Beach Dreams Rules and provide that to the

     Beach Dreams office


b. Provide their rental guest keys to their cottage


c. Provide cards to gain access through the gate, pools and

     main clubhouse


  d. Provide visitor parking pass to hang from rear view mirror


  e. The Beach Dreams Management Company will be       

      responsible for maintaining records of all renters per town

      ordinance.  The Beach Dreams administration fee will be        



   f. Office staff will also be available to answer any questions to

       rental guests during their stay, such as restaurant

       suggestions, directions to stores and beaches


3.    If a rental guest comes to Beach Dreams without

        any of the above not completed, they will not be allowed on the

        property and will be instructed to contact the cottage owner


4.    When a rental guest arrives at the guard shack, the guard will

       review the guest list and provide directions to the cottage.


Beach Dreams Office

412 Post Road, Wells, Maine

Mailing Address: PO Box 956, Moody, ME 04054

The Town of Wells is in part a seasonal resort community and as such has a large number of lodging facilities. These lodging facilities have historically provided tourists and other visitors both short-term and seasonal accommodations within the Town, to the benefit of both tourists and local residents and businesses, by supporting the local economy and adding to the tax base. Lodging facilities are subject to different zoning and other land use regulations than residential uses such as single- or two-family homes or multi-unit developments

One such regulation requires registration of all Beach Dreams Residents:

Occupancy and departure registries. The licensed lodging facility shall be operated in conformity with the requirements of 30-A M.R.S.A. § 3801 et seq. governing innkeepers and lodging facilities, including keeping a register and a record of departure, as required by § 3821, which shall reference every person renting or occupying any room or unit, including arrival and departure dates.


Owner Registering Guests or Renters