Check In – Guests & Renters

Owner Guest & Renter Requirements

Beach Dreams Condominiums strives to be a cooperative community partner. As such our condominium community is dedicated to complying with all town rules, bylaws, and codes.

All Owner Guests & Renters are subject to town registration requirements. Please fill out the simple electronic check in form so the office has record of arrivals and departures. This updated user friendly electronic format has been developed for your convenience. Please fill out fully.

Updated Rules 2017

Registering Rental

(this form to be filled out by owner)

Owner First:
Owner Last:
Village Name:
Unit Number:
Contact Phone:
Check In Date:
Check Out Date:
Email Address:
Registration Type:
Guest/Renter 1 First:
Guest/Renter 1 Last:
Guest/Renter 2 First:
Guest/Renter 2 Last:
Guest/Renter 3 First:
Guest/Renter 3 Last:
Guest/Renter 4 First:
Guest/Renter 4 Last:
Guest/Renter 5 First:
Guest/Renter 5 Last:
Guest/Renter 6 First:
Guest/Renter 6 Last:
Vehicle Make and Model:
Vehicle State and Registration:
Do keys need to be picked up at the office? YES      NO

Please note that all guests of owners and rental guests MUST check in at the Beach Dreams Office during normal business hours. This must be done prior to occupancy of unit.